Special Education

Sevastopol's Special Education Department provides services for students who are identified with a disability. Students who are suspected of having a disability are referred for an evaluation to determine if they have a special need in one of the following areas: 

Learning Disability
Speech/Language Disability
Cognitive Disability
Orthopedically Impaired
Visually Impaired
Emotional Disability
Other Health Impaired
Traumatic Brain Injury
Hearing Impaired
Significant Developmental Delay

If a student is determined to have a disability and needs special education services to access their education, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed to identify goals, objectives, supports and related services needed to help the student succeed. Following the development of the IEP using a comprehensive evaluation process, an appropriate educational placement will be determined and offered to parents/guardians. The parents are an integral part of the IEP process and IEP team. 

Special Education Resources:

Special Education Referral Form
Introduction to Special Education
Special Education Rights for Parents and Children

What Is Sevastopol Special Education Parent Advisory Council?

Special Education Parent Advisory Council Website

Sevastopol Parent Liaisons Welcome Your Questions:
Jessica Killenberg - [email protected]
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For more information contact Melissa Marggraf, Director of Pupil Services