Medication in School

  • If your child requires ANY medication during the school day, we must have a medication authorization form on file for the current school year prior to administration. A medical provider will also need to sign the form for any prescription medications. If directions or doses change during the school year you will need to provide an updated form
  • All medication (apart from diabetes medications, inhalers and epinephrine) must be kept in the health room and will be administered by the nurse or secretary.
  • All over the counter medication must be in their original, labeled containers. Please check expiration dates.


  • Prescription medications must be supplied in the original pharmacy-labeled container and include the name of the student, medical provider name, medication name, the dose, the effective date, and the directions in a legible format.


  • All medication must be brought to school by an adult and picked up when no longer needed.  Students may not transport medications to school. Any controlled medications will need to be counted and an adult must sign the count sheet.


  • Medications must be picked up by an adult at the end of the school year. Any medication not picked up will be disposed of.


  • Medical authorization forms are available in the link below or in the school office. This form must be completed yearly.

Medication Authorization Form