2017 Destination Imagination Teams Ramp-Up for Regional Competition

2017 Destination Imagination Teams Ramp-Up for Regional Competition
Posted on 02/14/2017

Coming off of a year where Sevastopol Destination Imagination Teams took two first place and a fifth at the 2016 Global Finals at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville Campus.  The pressure to repeat that unprecedented performance has teams laser focused on the upcoming BayLake Regional Destination Imagination Competition held at Sturgeon Bay Middle and High school on Saturday, March 4th.  This year there are seven Sevastopol teams across the three levels with grades from 4th to 12th represented.  In all, 44 students, 11 coaches, and 2 coordinators make up the Sevastopol Destination Imagination ranks this year.

At competition on March 4th, teams will present their Central Challenge Presentations to Judges in the following challenge categories: 3 Engineering Teams, 1 Scientific, 2 Fine Arts, and 1 Project Outreach.  The central challenge is picked by the teams at the beginning of the season and teams work on that challenge for the majority of team practices.  In addition to the central challenge, approximately a third of their overall score is based on an additional Instant Challenge that all teams must solve the day of competition without the ability to prepare beforehand.

Destination Imagination starts in the 4th Grade at Sevastopol and students declare their interest towards the end of September.  After a parent meeting and explanation of the DI Expectations, teams are formed and usually have some early team meetings during November and December.   By January, the teams move into their permanent homes at the St. Peter and Paul School Building and teams may practice any night of the week and on Saturdays.  Most teams practice a couple nights after school during the week, and for about 5 hours on Saturdays.  Most practices consist of building props, painting backgrounds, testing structures, and writing scripts for storylines that are part of the challenges.  A fair amount of time is also spent on practicing for the Instant Challenge portion of competition.

On March 4th, Sevastopol DI Teams will be competing against teams from Door and Kewaunee county.  Teams hail from Algoma, Sturgeon Bay, Gibraltar, Luxemburg-Casco, Denmark, and Southern Door.  Teams compete at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School Levels.  Teams must finish 1st or 2nd for their challenge, at their level, in order to qualify for State Competition April 8th at the University of Wisconsin - Steven’s Point Campus.  At state, teams compete for the opportunity to travel to DI Global Finals the last week in May, held in Tennessee.

Sevastopol Destination Imagination has a rich history of success which the teams hope to continue this season.  Think about supporting our teams by watching them at regionals March 4th.  A schedule of Sevastopol Team Competition Times is available at the top of this page.  In addition, Friday, March 3rd, the teams will be presenting to the school in the elementary gym beginning at 1:45 as a dress rehearsal for the competition the next day.  Community members are welcome to attend at that time to watch the presentations as well.

Finally, the teams and coaches representing our 2017 Season are listed below with their challenge’s name, category, level, and a brief summary of what their challenge requires them to do.  Pictures of the teams practicing can be seen by following the link at the top of this page.

3 Engineering Teams:
Challenge Summary:
Design, build and test multiple free-standing structures that work together.

Develop a strategy for placing structures to support as much weight as possible.

Develop and present a collaborative solution to a global issue.

Create and present two Team Choice Elements that highlight the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.


Team “Wait 4 It”: Elementary Level
Coach: Morgan Mann

Team Members:

Merrick Mann

Rafael Phillips

Kylee Duessler

Sladon Asher

Gabby Luett

Emily Bley


Team “Tim & the Humans”: Middle Level
Coaches: Jen Taylor & Mark Smith

Team Members:

Jacob Staats

Natalie Zawojski

Mikkel Phillips

Brooklyn Brauner

Johanna Andreae

Jasper Staats

Caitlin Chartier


Team “Rabach Squared”: Secondary Level
Coaches: Annie & Steve Rabach

Team Members:

Mallory Staats

Ty Zawojski

Sophie Lautenbach

Cloe Raynier

Lexie LeClair

Lamyra Adams

Bennett Rabach

2 Fine Arts Teams:

Challenge Summary:
Research the meanings, roles and uses of colors.

Present a story about how the disappearance of a color changes the world.

Create a colorful character that is involved with the color’s disappearance.

Use technical theater methods to create a vanishing act.

Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

Team “Color Thieves”: Middle Level

Coach: Angie Peil

Team Members:

Bianca Dellarwelle

Alexis Garrett

Lance Beyer

Kapri Gill

Mason Bossman

Riel Phillips

Team “V Sobakians”: Secondary Level

Coach: Alora Fiscus

Team Members:

Lizzy Fiscus

Kiera Ostrand

Morgan Swain

Breanna Jacobs

Anna Schultz

1 Scientific Team:

Challenge Summary:
Create and present a story about a secret mission.

Research and apply methods from cryptography and steganography to reveal secret messages.

Design and create a gadget that appears to be an everyday item.

Create and integrate a disguised character into the story.

Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

Team “Banana Cow Decoders”: Middle Level

Coaches: Amy Phillips & Michelle Lautenbach

Team Members:

Ethan Jilot

Atlee Manson

Symone Sandoval

Abby Hayes

Darrell Lautenbach

William Lautenbach

1 Project Outreach Team:

Challenge Summary:
Identify, design, plan and carry out a project that addresses a real community need.

Create a live presentation of a team-created fable that integrates information about the project.

Include an impact prop and a character that changes appearance.

Create and present two Team Choice Elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength, and talents.

Team “OWSAM”: Elementary Level

Coaches: Sarah & Megan Olson

Team Members:

Nicole Olson

Danica Schultz

Oliver Matthews

Jordyn Welch

Eve Andreae

Mekhi Welch